Have you setup projects in Superblocks and recently have they all disappeared? Then this post is for you. 

In our quest to have a full fledge product to help you all develop and release your projects with confidence, sometimes you need to perform some drastic changes internally to get there, specially during an early beta release.

In our case, with the new introduction of custom pipelines and the possibility to connect multiple repositories for the same project, we were forced to do some major internal breaking changes in order to have those features ready to rock as soon as possible. 

This means that we had to delete all the current projects and start from a clean slate. We know it sucks and sorry for the inconvenience, but this won't happen again. Now we are exactly where we wanted and we are ready to keep pushing new features aimed at making your life easier when developing your applications.

ACTION TO TAKE: Simply setup your projects once again using the newly created build setup wizard which will guide you through the process. 

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