Data for projects and files are saved to browser storage and they are subject to browser behavior, cache, and history. It is important to download the projects when backups are required.

All actions related to project management can be found at the top menu bar, by clicking the down arrow next to the project DApp title name, located at the center of the screen. The top menu bar expands a window containing all available projects. Right next to the project name, the second icon represents the download action and the third icon is used for removal (the trash can icon).


When downloading a project, it is possible to optionally include all available state, which includes deployed contract addresses, contract ABIs and end-point settings.


To restore a downloaded project, simply click the Import button, located in the same window where projects are listed, under the top menu bar. When importing, it is possible to rename the original project.


Removing a project can be done by clicking the Delete button next to the project name, in the projects list located in the top menu bar.

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