After finishing the development cycle, it is possible to download the DApp to be hosted somewhere on the Internet. Downloaded DApps take into account the currently selected network, due to contract deployment settings and end-point configuration. Considering that, it is necessary to perform the deployment steps before proceeding.


To download the DApp, go to the preview window by clicking the Preview button on the right side panel, then click the Download DApp button (second icon). A pop-up follows asking for confirmation. After reading the details, click the Download button and the DApp will be downloaded.

The DApp will be a single, self-contained HTML file, that can be run locally in the browser, hosted on the Internet or distributed by any other means for others to access. An example of a service that provides easy static web publishing is Surge:

Common errors

Common mistakes when exporting DApps:

  • Exporting the DApp configured to wrong network
  • When exporting a DApp with contracts deployed to the Browser network, the following error will occur: "Cannot export DApp for the Browser network
    When you download your creation, it is configured for the specific network you have chosen (up to the far left). Right now you have chosen the Browser network, which only exists in your browser when using Ethereum Studio, so downloading your DApp makes no sense until you choose any other network than Browser."

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