Why are you staring at me?

Actually, we’re not. Well not you directly. Nothing personal, we’re sure you’re interesting and good looking. But since we keep all usage data anonymous, we don’t know who you are, where you’re from, what you did, as long as you love us, baby. Well... As long as you use Ethereum Studio. Well, we don’t care who you are either way actually.

What are you looking for?

Well, we do care about what you do do. At least when you do do the things you do in our space. Or what you don’t do. Or how you do what you do do or don’t do when you want to do, but can’t do the things you do like to do. Stuff like that.

Essentially we want to figure out how we can make your development easier, faster and more fun. And how we can eliminate the interruptions in your flow, you know those things that you do but don’t want to do but do because you have to get to the things you do want to do. Sorry, got lost in the doodies again.

How did you get in?

We never buy our way in. We use Google Analytics and Amplitude to track usage. We don’t track IP-addresses, names or emails. Even if we did get a hold of other data, we’ve realized most blockchain developers are heavily armed with enough blockages and filters that any data collected would be so scant and evasive, that we’d be outright stupid to base any actions on it.

And of course, you can always opt out of the usage tracking as well. But we are really grateful when you don’t.

Why should I trust you?

You shouldn’t. Seriously, don’t. In fact, we welcome you to take any measure to investigate our open source code, follow our open development channels, chat to our other users openly in Discord, get in on our investor's mailing list, read our blog about our progress or just ask us. Find something that’s not transparent enough? Let us know!

We can’t ask you for input, feedback, and insights if we don’t offer the same back to you. So poke us and question, you can reach any member of our team at [firstname]@superblocks.com. I’m Kim. Please don’t sell that info to a third party.

Despite trying to spice up these boring “we want to create a better experience for you”-texts in this, we truly believe in respect of our user's privacy.

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