Since Lab version 1.6, users have the opportunity to share their projects via a link and also download projects shared by others. In line with our vision for a decentralized future, Superblocks allows you to store and share your projects using IPFS (InterPlanetary File System). IPFS is a peer-to-peer method of storing and sharing files in a distributed file system.

In order to load a project shared by somebody else, just simply open the link in your browser and Lab will automatically download and open it for you. The link is in the format of:, where the custom hash is a unique identifier for the given project.

The downloaded project is opened as a temporary project, meaning that it will be discarded unless you save it or fork it.

Which brings us to forking. Forking is a term used by software developers, which simply means creating a copy. When forking a project, you create a standalone copy for yourself, which is stored among your other projects. Modifying this project will not affect the "parent" project (the one you copied) in any way.

If you check your list of projects before forking a temporary project, you will see that it is empty. After clicking on 'Fork', the project will be saved locally and added to your project list.

In order to share your project, all you have to do is click the 'Upload Project' button from the 'Upload' dropdown.

Clicking on the cogwheel icon next to the purple 'Upload Project' button will reveal the upload settings. You can choose whether you would like to share your build information and project settings (configured to be off by default).

Upon a successful upload, the modal will display a link, which can be used to share your project.

It is important to note that any modification made to the project after it has been shared will not affect the uploaded project. When clicking upload, only a snapshot of the current state of the project is shared. In order to share your project after any modification has been made to it, you will have to click on 'Upload' again, which will generate another unique URL.

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