Ethereum Studio offers the ability to share projects via a link and also download projects shared by others.

In order to load a project shared by somebody else, just simply open the link in your browser and Ethereum Studio will automatically download and open it for you. The link is in the format of:, where the custom hash is a unique identifier for the given project.

The downloaded project is opened as a new project, which brings us to forking. Forking is a term used by software developers, which simply means creating a copy. When forking a project, you create a standalone copy for yourself, which is stored among your other projects. Modifying this project will not affect the "parent" project (the one you copied) in any way.

In order to share your project, all you have to do is click the Share button and select from one of the available methods: Links or Buttons.

You can choose which panels to open when accessing the shared link by toggling the available Options.

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