This document provides a step-by-step guide to getting started using the Superblocks platform.


  • Existing account or the ability to create one
  • Existing GitHub repository with a smart contract (assuming you want to start building). You can fork this repository to try it out:

Setting up your first project on Superblocks

  1. Begin by setting up a Superblocks account by navigating through the Superblocks homepage or going directly to You will need to authorize using your GitHub account to grant Superblocks access
  2. You will be redirected to the Superblocks platform welcome screen. Filter and select the repository you want to build (preferably one with a smart contract in it!). Use the dropdown to the right to filter between different GitHub organizations. Once you have found your repository, press”Connect”.
  1. You will be redirected to GitHub and asked to approve and install Superblocks. Choose whether you want to grant access to all repositories or just the selected one. Once you are back at the welcome screen, click “Connect” once more to go to the next step.
  2. You have now successfully connected your repository and are ready to start building! Your screen should look like this:

Running your first Superblocks build

Superblocks automatically triggers a build anytime you commit to the selected repository in GitHub.

  1. Start by committing a change to your GitHub repository in your preferred manner. Once you refresh the Superblocks platform you will see a build has automatically started running. 
  2. Eventually it will succeed or fail. In case you want to see the logs, click on the status or the build ID. It is important to note that Superblocks currently uses a default static build that works for Truffle compatible projects. Read more about the default configuration here. 
  1. If the build failed, you can opt to retry it from within the Superblocks platform. Have a go and break something to test it out! You can also query the commit by clicking on the link in Superblocks.
  1. Finally you and your team will be able to see the result of your commits in your GitHub repositories. Good luck!

Setting up your organization

When you log in for the first time and create a project, Superblocks will have automatically created an organization for you. You can reach the organization screen by either clicking the Superblocks logo in the top left of the screen, or navigating using the breadcrumb.

You can chose to do the following in your organization page.

  • Projects: Create a new project, or filter for existing projects.
  • People: Invite or remove people from the organization. Manage their access roles.
  • Settings: Rename or delete the organization (your organization's URL does not change when you rename your organization).

You can also choose to create a new organization, or several organizations from scratch. Read more about organizations and access control here.

Where to go for assistance

If you have questions or troubles then please don’t hesitate to explore the following!


Social Media & GitHub

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