What is Superblocks main value proposition?

We create a reliable and safe product that allows developers to release smart contracts with a higher level of confidence. Since smart contracts can hold significant values amounting to millions of dollars, it is important to trust your release processes and rid yourself of unnecessary anxiety.

Do you have a product?

Yes, check out our platform Superblocks! It's a specialized platform for smart contracts with continuous integration, upcoming release management and monitoring solutions. We build it around the needs of professional blockchain developers to ensure that it can meet the demands of the most complex blockchain projects/decentralized applications.

Do you have a token?

No, we have chosen to fund ourselves the old classic way!

How does Superblocks compare to Ethereum or other chains?

Superblocks builds tools/services for smart contracts that are deployed on Ethereum. We also plan to integrate to more blockchains in the future if they prove popular within the developer community.

Do you open source your products?

As much as we can when relevant. We even built a free open source web-IDE for Solidity smart contracts on Ethereum called Superblocks Lab. Furthermore, we offer all our products for free to open source projects.

Can I contribute to Superblocks open source efforts in any way?

Absolutely! Contributing with documentation, tutorials, code, issues and suggestions are all welcome. You can find everything at https://github.com/SuperblocksHQ.

How was Superblocks created?

In May 2013, after giving up on almost everything he owned, co-founder Thomas Backlund moved out into the forest to live in a tent in the region south of Stockholm. The goal has always been to plan and execute his vision of democratizing coding. The full story can be read here, here and in a lot of articles around the web.

Much has changed since then and the old company called "Blockie" was put to rest. Thomas started what has become the largest decentralized tech meetup group in Sweden called the "Decentralized Camp". From that meetup the three co-founders (Thomas, Javier & Carl) met and decided to create a company called Superblocks.

Why are you called Superblocks?

The name Superblocks was inspired by the movement in Barcelona where people took back the power of the streets from the cars.

Where do you see Superblocks projects 5 years from now?

In five years the need for these types of solutions Superblocks is providing will be very important, under the assumption that blockchain (or any successor) and smart contracts will become more mainstream and important for people. In five years Superblocks will very likely have reached the vision about making it possible for developers to safely and easily release smart contracts.

Will Superblocks go to the moon ?

Which moon are you talking about? Be more specific.

What is the Decentralized Camp?

It is a Meetup group that gathers people to talk about distributed systems, applications, and blockchain-based technology. It was founded by Thomas Backlund, though it has become a larger community organized group in Stockholm. Come meet us here :)

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