Currently Superblocks provides zero-config static builds that apply “truffle compile" and "truffle test” to your Ethereum solidity smart contracts. This means that the CI feature is restricted to Truffle compatible projects. As such, ensure that you have “truffle.config.js” or “truffle.js” present in your root directory.

Superblocks default configuration

image: alpine:3.9script:   - apk add --update g++ git make npm python   - git clone https://${GITHUB_TOKEN}${GITHUB_FULL_REPO_NAME}.git   - cd "${GITHUB_REPO}"   - git checkout "${GITHUB_COMMIT}"   - npm install truffle   - npm install   - ./node_modules/.bin/truffle compile   - ./node_modules/.bin/truffle test

Flexible Builds

The flexible builds feature will allow users to use their own YAML files to script their own builds. This removes any limitations in terms of smart contract language, chain, or framework. Superblocks will still provide custom static recipes for those that prefer them.

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