Superblocks is a platform that provides a safe and automated process to take your smart contracts from development to production with confidence. The platform consists of three main functions:

  • Continuous Integration [beta]: A practice that encourages developers to commit their code into a master branch often, rather than building in isolation and integrating them at the end of a development cycle. In Superblocks you can test on every GitHub commit to verify your smart contracts code.
  • Release Management [in development]: Safely deploy smart contracts to private, testnet or mainnet using browser compatible wallets. There is no need to expose your private keys when using Superblocks.

Who should use Superblocks?

Superblocks is developed with the most complex blockchain applications in mind. Hence, it can sustainably support everything from small teams to large enterprises that are utilizing smart contracts.

Currently the features are primarily geared towards providing developers the flexibility and tools needed to properly craft and release smart contracts in a safe manner. Since smart contracts can control millions of dollars and coordinate sensitive voting systems, it’s of utmost importance that they are shipped and monitored using the best standards possible.

How to get started

Feel free to follow our getting started guide to begin familiarizing yourself with the Superblocks platform.

Supported smart contract languages & blockchains

You can find an updated list of the supported blockchains and smart contract languages here.


Expect a combination of free & paid plans for teams & enterprises to appear in the future. Superblocks will always be free for open source projects.

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